Level 2 Electronic Drives – CNC Troubleshooting

Teach Fanuc model 21i CNC control systems with Amatrol's Level 2 Electronic Drives - CNC Troubleshooting Learning System.

The model 85-MT10-Ai CNC Troubleshooting Learning System teaches Fanuc model 21i CNC control systems, which are used to provide accurate control of axis movement of CNC machine tools, robots, and specialized automation equipment. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to operate, install, tune, program, and troubleshoot the Fanuc model 21i CNC control system.

The 85-MT10-Ai System recreates the industrial environment with a real world Fanuc CNC controller, digital AC motor drive amplifier, AC servo motor with encoder feedback, operator station, machine axis drive with precision ball screw drive, student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s assessment guide. It also includes a fault insertion system along with terminal strip test points to enable students to learn troubleshooting in an effective and safe manner. All components attach conveniently to the separately purchased 85-MT10-W Electronic Drives Workstation as shown, via either a modular panel or direct mount. The 85-MT10-W workstation provides power to the system.

Key Features

  • Precision Ball Screw Axis Drive Output
  • Fault Insertion
  • Industrial Safety Devices
  • Industrial Standard CNC Control
  • DC spindle drive panel
  • DC servo drive panel
  • DC PWM drive panel
  • DC shunt wound motor
  • DC permanent magnet servo motor
  • Inertia load device
  • Friction load device
  • Student learning materials for both theory and lab
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Interchangeable Drive Panels
  • Industrial Safety Devices
  • Fault Insertion
  • Industrial Loads-inertial and friction
  • Built-in Instrumentation
  • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Workstation
  • Industrial Standard Drives and Motors
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