Advanced Manufacturing

Amatrol delivers total learning solutions for Advanced Manufacturing!

Tech-Labs is proud to offer equipment and curriculum from Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing program. Amatrol’s industry leading equipment and curriculum is developed in partnership with industry to deliver job ready, industry relevant skills. Working closely with companies like Caterpillar, Tropicana and many others Amatrol has designed equipment for work place success.

Key Features

  • Highly Demanded Industry Skills: Hands-On, Job-Ready
  • Individualized Self-Paced or Group Learning Flexibility
  • Extensive Curriculum Spanning Basics Through Advanced
  • Authentic Industrial Troubleshooting
  • Durable, Industrial Equipment Designed for Effective Teaching
  • Superior Multimedia Interactivity Connects With Learners
  • eAssessment to Accelerate Learning, Improve Effectiveness
  • Learning Anywhere, Anytime – 24 x 7
  • Outstanding Support
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) with Amatrol’s eAssessment (available via the web)

Amatrol Level 1 Programmable Controllers

The 890-PEC-B has the qualities of a real world machine with relay-controlled start/stop power station, terminal strip I/O test points, operator station, and machine automation station.

The model 890-PEC-B Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Learning System teaches programming and troubleshooting of programmable controllers and their use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The 890-PEC-B System teaches PLC troubleshooting like no other product by providing a hands-on learning station that models real world PLC-controlled machines with up to 40 faults that can be inserted into the system.

Amatrol Level 4 Process Control – Pilot Process System

The 950-PC1 Process Control Pilot Plant teaches control of the most common process variables used to manufacture liquid and gas products in industrial process applications.

The 950-PC1 is unique because it replicates a modern industrial process control pilot plant by presenting students with a full size, floor-standing system consisting of industrial quality components. These components are connected in a manner that replicates industrial process control circuits and offers students a complex system that will help them to prepare for the complex systems they will encounter on the job.

Amatrol Level 3 Electronic Drives – 611U Electrical Drvies

Amatrol’s 85-MT10-611U Electronic Drives Learning System with Siemens 611U

Amatrol’s 85-MT10-611U Electronic Drives Learning System with Siemens 611U teaches motion control concepts, safety and speed, torque and positioning applications. Motion control is used where precise control of position is required, such as in machining, packaging, and cut-to-length operations. The system is also used in speed / torque mode to provide accurate speed and torque control for spindle drives, extruders and winders. Students will learn industry relevant skills...

Level 2 Electronic Drives – CNC Troubleshooting

Teach Fanuc model 21i CNC control systems with Amatrol's Level 2 Electronic Drives - CNC Troubleshooting Learning System.

The model 85-MT10-Ai CNC Troubleshooting Learning System teaches Fanuc model 21i CNC control systems, which are used to provide accurate control of axis movement of CNC machine tools, robots, and specialized automation equipment. Students will learn industry-relevant skills including how to operate, install, tune, program, and troubleshoot the Fanuc model 21i CNC control system.

Amatrol's Electronics Training Systems

Electronics Training with Hands-on Skills and Multimedia Curriculum

Amatrol’s electronics learning systems combine hands-on skills and multimedia curriculum to form a training experience with unmatched breadth and depth. This product focusses on electronic drives and programmable logic controllers to give current and future workforce members the knowledge that they’ll need to excel in the their career paths.

FANUC CERT Education M-1iA Cart

Certified Education Robot Training M-1iA Cart

With FANUC Robotics’ CERT Program, new courses and project based activities prepare students for a workplace that will be increasing in robotic automation. The Fanuc Robotics Education Training Cart incorporates the compact M-1+A robot housed in a self contained, mobile enclosure. The lightweight parallel-link M-1+A robot is designed for small part handling, high speed picking and assembly applications.