Advanced Manufacturing

Amatrol delivers total learning solutions for Advanced Manufacturing!

Tech-Labs is proud to offer equipment and curriculum from Amatrol’s Advanced Manufacturing program. Amatrol’s industry leading equipment and curriculum is developed in partnership with industry to deliver job ready, industry relevant skills. Working closely with companies like Caterpillar, Tropicana and many others Amatrol has designed equipment for work place success.

Key Features

  • Highly Demanded Industry Skills: Hands-On, Job-Ready
  • Individualized Self-Paced or Group Learning Flexibility
  • Extensive Curriculum Spanning Basics Through Advanced
  • Authentic Industrial Troubleshooting
  • Durable, Industrial Equipment Designed for Effective Teaching
  • Superior Multimedia Interactivity Connects With Learners
  • eAssessment to Accelerate Learning, Improve Effectiveness
  • Learning Anywhere, Anytime – 24 x 7
  • Outstanding Support
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) with Amatrol’s eAssessment (available via the web)
  • Modern Curriculum with PanelView Plus Terminal and Networking
    Learners will study industry-relevant skills including how to operate and program PLC systems for a wide range of real world applications.

    The 990-PAB53 Portable PLC Learning System addresses this need by providing a comprehensive curriculum and application workstation that teaches modern PLC systems as they are used in industry today. Students learn both basic and advanced applications using the powerful Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5300 PLC, a PanelView Plus terminal, and networks throughout the curriculum.

  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix (990-PAB53F)
    Allen-Bradley CompactLogix

    The 990-PAB53F Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System provides comprehensive curriculum and a cutting-edge workstation to teach PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming, operation, and applications used in industry. The 990-PAB53F uses FaultPro, Amatrol’s unique electronic fault insertion, to teach PLC troubleshooting skills, such as PLC input and output testing, software testing, and application troubleshooting. Learners study both basic and advanced applications using Allen-Bradley’s CompactLogix 5300 PLC, PanelView Plus, and networking throughout the curriculum.

  • Amatrol’s Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System (990-PS712F)
    This portable learning system will teach the basic concepts and skills of the Siemens Controller System.

    Inside this attractive, durable carrying case, learners will find a world-class learning system with components like the KTP 600 Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel, which allows user input and displays output data. Combined with Amatrol’s thorough curriculum, learners will gain both theoretical and hands-on knowledge that can start them on a path towards a rewarding career.

  • Portable Pneumatics Learning System – 990-PN1
    Includes real-world pneumatic components mounted on a silkscreened panel for easy identification within a portable case that features wheels and a handle.

    Amatrol’s Portable Pneumatics Learning System (990-PN1) is a mobile option for bringing Amatrol’s topnotch products and world-class curriculum to environments that lack the space for full-size trainers or where trainers are needed in multiple facilities. The 990-PN1 allows learners to practice hands-on skills and study basic and intermediate pneumatic concepts, such as the application and operation of pneumatic cylinders, flow controls, directional control valves, air motors, and pressure gauges

  • The welding industry’s most comprehensive curriculum solution
    U/LINC is the welding industry’s most comprehensive curriculum solution, designed to supercharge your teaching experience and free you from curriculum development.

    The manufacturing landscape of the 21st century is defined by increasingly high standards of quality, productivity, efficiency and regulatory compliance. With skilled welders continually aging out of the workforce, students of the trade at the high school, trade school and college levels require the best possible training to fill in the skills gap.

  • Classroom Weld Training
    The road to educating a skilled welding workforce starts with one small step. Make that small step a giant leap with VRTEX Engage.
    Item Number:
    K4299-1, K4299-2, K4299-3, K4299-4

    To help improve the training of the nation's future welders, Lincoln Electric has developed a new way to teach welding techniques through a new virtual welding system called VRTEX 360. This next-generation virtual welding training system provides a "virtual" hands-on training experience that allows students to complete more passes than traditional training and provides real-time welding technique feedback similar to a video game to both trainers and students