Simlogs New Forklift Personal Simulator Version 2

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Simlog Forklift Simulator 2

Version 2 Extends Simlog's Leadership in Training Effectiveness and Superior Training Value

Simlog developed the new version of the Forklift Personal Simulator in collaboration with key customers in career and technical education which introduces 7 brand new Simulation Modules to allow students to develop a comprehensive set of skills, that meet a wider variety of real operating demands required in a wide range of job site situations.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training

New Functionality to provide more flexibility and training value.


  • Controls Familiarization
  • Slalom 1 - Forward, Standard Loads
  • Slalom 2 - Forward, Wide Loads
  • Slalom 3 - Reverse, Tall Loads
  • Ramp Driving
  • Loading Docks 1 - Loading/Unloading Single Rows
  • Loading Docks 2 - Loading Double Rows
  • Loading Docks 3 - Unloading Double Rows
  • Loading Docks 4 - Loading Double Rows, with Stacking
  • Loading Docks 5 - Unloading Double Rows, with Stacking
  • Loading Docks 6 - Loading, to Maximize Cube Utilization
  • Selective Pallet Racks 1 - Low Shelves
  • Selective Pallet Racks 2 - Mixed Shelves
  • Drive-In/Drive-Through Racks
  • Cantilever Racks and Flatbed Truck

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Watch Examples of Forklift Personal Simulator Version 2 Simulation Modules

Slalom 3 - Reverse, Tall Loads

Loading Docks 6 - Loading, to Maximize Cube Utilization

Selective Pallet Racks 1 - Low Shelves

Benefits of Training with Forklift Personal Simulators

  • Engage the interest of your students, with life-like graphics and increased operating realism
  • Offer students a learning environment that encourages skills exploration and fosters career awareness, where they can learn at their own pace
  • Train with an Instructional Design aligned with certification guidelines from key standards organizations such as the National Safety Council (NSC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Reduce instructor supervision time and skills preparation time on a real forklift by up to 90% per student when getting ready to pass a practical exam for operator certification

Setup Options

There are setup options for every budget. Choose between a tabletop arrangement or Simlog's Operator Chair. Below are set up examples with three forward-looking displays and one rear display.

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Take students from the classroom to the virtual work-site, as they explore their aptitude, develop real skills and learn safety-conscious habits.

Simlog is the world leader in providing affordable and effective PC-based simulation software for heavy equipment operator training in mining, construction, material handling and forestry. Called Personal Simulators, only Simlog’s products leverage the power of today’s PCs with the variety of USB-ready setup options needed to suit a range of training budgets. With hundreds of training service providers and equipment owner/operators around the world training thousands of people every year, Simlog products have been proven to reduce training costs, increase operator productivity, and help minimize the safety risks associated with operator inexperience.

With Simlog, you’ll find the right kind of simulated tasks, the right kind of task progression, and the right way of evaluating simulated work, thanks to comprehensive Performance Indicators that measure quality and productivity.

How Simlog can help:

With Simlog, your students will be learning the right way to do things, thanks to “best practices” input from our OEM partners and training professionals just like you. So you’ll find the right kind of simulated tasks, the right kind of task progression, and the right way of evaluating the simulated work. Add Simulation Manager software to track each students results and competencies as they progress through the training.

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Introduce new career choices

Expose your students to a possible career operating heavy equipment, and set them on the path to high-paying jobs. Our Personal Simulators will provide a learning environment that encourages skills exploration, with students learning in a self-managed way. And having fun along the way will foster a completely new attitude toward learning!

Evaluate operator aptitude

Operating heavy equipment requires a combination of “psycho-motor” ability (manual dexterity), “sensory/perceptual” ability (depth perception), and “cognitive” ability (spatial reasoning). Unfortunately, studies show that up to 30% of training candidates don’t have enough and for that reason, can never become fully proficient.

Our Personal Simulators will let you and your students evaluate this aptitude. This is especially important when training programs are over-subscribed, in order to use your training budget as wisely as you can.

Better prepare students for real seat-time

Training at the controls of real equipment is dangerous, and expensive. Operating costs are high, supervisors must be paid, and mistakes mean equipment that is damaged. And there will always be details that are specific to the particular makes and models that you have.

Instead, our Personal Simulators are “generic” and will teach your students core skills, making it easy to proceed to “hands-on” training on a variety of real equipment

And by preparing your students at the controls of our Personal Simulators, the real seat-time training becomes

  • Safer, because “accidents” now happen at the simulator
  • Better, because students learn to do things right at the simulator, and gain confidence in their operating skills
  • Faster, because your students reach their performance targets sooner
  • Cheaper, thanks to all of the above

In this way, training costs go down, training quality goes up, and graduates are more employable!

Bring new visibility to your training program

Use your Personal Simulator to promote your training program in your community, and improve your recruiting efforts. Just set things up at local events such as job fairs, or at middle schools as part of “out-reach” efforts, and watch the lineups form!

Join a world-wide community of leading education professionals

Becoming a Simlog customer means joining a growing community of leading educational organizations around the world, all dedicated to improving heavy equipment operator training. Share simulation benchmarks, best practices, and suggestions to help Simlog make our Personal Simulators even better.