Tech-Labs is proud to be SimSpray's exclusive education distributor in Texas and Oklahoma. SimSpray is easy to use, cost effective products accelerate learning while reducing the materials costs, potential for student injury and hazardous emissions of hands-on training exercises.

Simulation training systems are successfully deployed by Boeing, The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and other markets such as government, manufacturing and education.

VR Sim’s latest product is SimSpray™. SimSpray™ is an immersive virtual painting simulation. Designed to augment traditional educational methods, it assists in the teaching of spray painting and coating fundamentals. Using SimSpray™ saves on training time and decreases expenses, delivering a “Green” ROI to training organizations and schools.

SimSpray Benefits

  • Reduced Training Costs: By training in a virtual environment, students learn how to spray paint without consuming any materials, reducing costs associated with paint, cleaning supplies and parts.
  • Training Time: During traditional training, students move, mount and prepare a part before practicing painting. SimSpray only requires a few taps on the screen to begin another practice session. By eliminating prep and clean up time, students have more hands-on training time enabling them to become more proficient painters in a shorter period of time.
  • Paintometer™: The Paintometer screen calculates totals for time logged into the system, time painting, paint/coating applied and wasted, number of parts painted, and VOC emissions. This function assists training programs in calculating return on investment in SimSpray.
  • Green Technology: SimSpray offers an eco-friendly means of training and can make a positive contribution to efforts to build green painting/coating training programs by eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reducing energy use and negative impact on natural resources.
  • Virtual Spray Paint Training Equipment
    SimSpray is a 3D experience which will train students how to use proper paint gun techniques while avoiding hazardous fumes and costly materials. This training aid can be used to prepare a student with the basics of paint gun techniques prior to spraying paint in a paint booth.

    The SimSpray™ training system accelerates the learning of fundamental spray painting skills. SimSpray produces a realistic experience in which students reproduce the body positioning and muscle and joint movements required to create the ideal mil thickness on a finished piece. During traditional training, students need to select, move, and mount a part before they practice painting.