3D Digital Corp.

3D Digital Corp. is a US-based manufacturer of non-contact laser scanners founded in 1995. Supplying companies large and small in a broad array of applications, 3D Digital has been a leading provider of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that are affordable and easy to use.

Customization and personal service set 3D Digital apart, inspiring loyalty and unmatched word-of-mouth support. The company now has over 3,000 scanner installations worldwide, over half of them customized to fit the user’s unique needs. The size of your investment in 3D Digital scanning doesn’t matter. The sophisticated technology developed for Fortune 500 clients is built into 3D Digital’s popular off-the-shelf products for customers new to 3D scanning and working with limited budgets.

Engineering innovation and a skill for anticipating customer needs is the 3D Digital Corp’s edge. Its product line has advanced through three distinct generations of scanner technology—no other brand can match that pace of advancement. Receiving custom modifications to its original order, a 3DD customer knows there will be no problems going forward as its scanning needs evolve—the company will be ready with the upgrades and modifications necessary.

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  • AuSIS Shop Inspector
    Scan, compare, and report at the touch of a button.

    Our state of the art AuSIS line of 3D scanners and inspectors are unlike anything else on the market! Whether you are a startup, midsize company, or a larger enterprise company, we have a solution for everyone. We will work with you to make sure you have exactly what you need to complete your project.

  • 3D Scanning Made Simple
    3D Digital Corporation is the innovative leader in the manufacture of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that provide extremely high accuracy, yet are affordable and the most easy-to-use product on the market.

    3D Digital Corp. has developed a reverse-engineering system that’s affordable and comprehensive called EScan. The solution was designed based on field research and extensive customer feedback. Customers let us know they needed a total solutions package—not just a scanning device — with EScan we’ve delivered it.

  • 3D Digital Corp
    Cutting edge laser technology that makes precision 3D object scanning - quick and simple.

    The Optix 500 Series sets new standards for accuracy and resolution, and is the premium choice for 3D object scanning. Three configurations produce optimal precision across a spectrum of scan-range sizes and each model is modular, lightweight and portable.

  • 3D Scanning System
    This device measures the 3D shape of an object using a line LED projection pattern. It is used for a simple, yet accurate inspection of parts for an exact geometric shape.

    The number of scans taken is determined by the perplexity of the product. The greater the amount of detail, the more multiple rotation angles necessary to capture those fine details. Once scanning is complete, they’ll be compiled in the scan folder and are processed manually or by writing a script. The scans are then aligned to form a single fused image. Each color reflects a distinct scan taken. The final model is then exported into the inspection system for automatic inspection.