Case Studies

McAllen ISD

"We are becoming more targeted in helping all student groups," says Wendy Grohler, Elementary Science Coordinator for McAllen ISD.

Simlog Virtual Reality Simulators

At Rogers High School in Ohio (U.S.A.), there are two stations, one for Simlog’s Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator equipped with OEM Controls and the other for Simlog’s Mobile Crane Personal Simulator equipped with Replica Controls.

Simlog Virtual Reality Simulators

At the Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) in Portland, Maine (U.S.A.), the simulator lab consists ofseven Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulators equipped with OEM Controls.

Simlog Virtual Reality Simulators

At the IUOE Local 701 there are a total of eight simulators set up on six workstations. Five workstations are located at the union’s Eugene, OR training center and one at the union hall in Gladstone,OR. At the Operating Engineers Training Center (OETC) Eugene facility, two instructors oversee the simulators grouped by specialty field of expertise.

3D Printers in STEM Education


“We’ve had kids that were barely hanging in there in school and 3D printing is what really lit them up and got them to the point where they were on the path to a high-paying career.” — Jim Lynch, Apple Valley High School

The aim is to design and build a single-seater car which races on a course normally reserved for Formula 1. Formula Student is also a place where innovation is very much at home, particularly when it comes to new manufacturing methods and design engineering.

Dunwoody College of Technology (Dunwoody) was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1914 with the vision to provide a rigorous, industry-focused technical education. As the oldest and only non-profit technical college in the region, Dunwoody has garnered an international reputation for its successful approach.

New active learning STEM program

It’s always a good thing when students are excited about learning, and in a recent trip to Escandon Elementary, a school that has been working diligently with the LJ Create program to increase their standardized test scores in science, we could hardly stop one of the students from excitedly telling us about everything she had learned using Living with STEM.

3D printers throughout education

FDM technology, however, may have made a difference for some. “Of the 44 students in my class, more than 20 of them said this project influenced their decision to pursue a major involving engineering technology,” said Christensen.

“Backwards instructional design” is what Brad Christensen calls his method of teaching his Technology I class. A professor in the Technology and Industrial...

Dimension 3D Printer Case Study

Dimension 3D Printers help teach design concepts in: Architecture, Industrial Design, Medical Design, Sculpting, Mechanical Engineering, 3D Animation, Cartography, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, & Science / Math.

With the Dimension 3D printer, students are better able to experiment with their design concepts and test their engineering visions, truly understanding why a part worked or...