Carroll Student’s Drone Flies High

Friday, June 3, 2016

Carroll students from Mr. Steve Nathman’s Digital & Interactive Media class successfully launched and flew a drone they had assembled themselves. The drone demonstration took place on Tuesday, Jan. 19, at Carroll High School, but these students had been working on the drone assembly since October.

This exciting and innovative project began in the fall semester as 3-5 students from the Digital & Interactive Media classes volunteered to act as drone assembly technicians. The required parts for drone assembly were provided by Tech-Labs/MINDSi Education. Once completed, the students attached a Go-Pro to the drone to better record its flight experience.

“The students were amazing because they were problem-solving, having to be persistent, and even calling the manufacturer to do face-time conference calls for help,” said Mr. Nathman. After many trials and tribulations of the drone assembly process, the students were able to successfully launch the Quad Copter, the “Kevin G1,” through the uprights on the Carroll High football field.

This group of talented students has formed the “Flying Dragon RC Squadron,” a club open to students, parents and faculty, who are interested in drone assembly and launch. The next project for this group will be completing a ground drone. Eventually, the club would like to get computer science students involved to write code in order to make the drones perform tasks.

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