Press Release: Simlog Announces New Three-Display Functionality

November 2, 2015
Multiple display set-up

Training heavy equipment operators just got better! Support for both a single display and multiple displays is now available in Simlog's Forklift, Hydraulic Excavator, and Bulldozer simulation software. The functionality is available at no additional cost for the software license.

The expanded field of view of multiple displays creates a stunning simulation experience that provides significant gains in training realism with respect to the simulated environment.

Here are examples of setups using multiple displays with links to pictures on Simlog's website:

The same multi-display functionality will be coming later this year to Mobile Crane and to Off-Highway Truck, and then next year to Wheel Loader.

Setting up Simlog's simulators with multiple displays can be achieved at a low additional investment for the display hardware - still using just a single PC. Our support for multiple displays is a key differentiator at Simlog's price point. Compared with expensive motion platforms, having multiple displays provides much greater training value.

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