New Stratasys Education Modules: Ear Bud Holder & Chess Set

March 1, 2016
3D Printing Education

Integrate design and 3D printing into your classroom

As an educator, you recognize the need to adapt curriculum accordingly, but you might still be looking for ideas to start or extend the learning.

The new education modules, available only to Stratasys customers, are designed for educators to take their students through a full product development life cycle, from concept sketch to CAD design and finally 3D print. Modules are unique and each one focuses on a specific project with various durations from days to weeks. These modules are created with a comprehensive outline with an overall objective, project resources, design criteria and process. Also available is a complete designer toolkit offering curriculum resources and best practices to help you get the most out of 3D printing in the classroom.

As a customer you will have access to all 7 modules as they come out month to month during the school year. Stratasys is releasing two module lesson plans and .STL files. ( Ear Bud Holders and Chess Set) along with the Designer Toolkit. Thank you for your dedication to inspiring the next generation of innovation.

Stratasys Education is pleased to introduce free education modules designed for grades 6-12. Available for download: Designer Tool Kit, Ear Bud Holder Project and The Chess Set Project.

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Ear Bud Holder

Type of Project: Product Design
Duration of Project: 1 week
Level: Beginner
Intended Grade: 9
Objective: Design and 3D print a usable prototype

Chess Set

Type of Project: Product Design
Duration of Project: 2-3 weeks
Level: Advanced
Intended Grade: 12
Objective: Design and 3D print a chess set

Designer Toolkit

While 3D printers are growing more popular in high schools around the world, they are not always used to their full educational potential. 3D printing isn't just fun, it's a great way to boost student engagement by making abstract concepts tangible and real. This toolkit and our growing list of project plans can help you incorporate project based learning with 3D printing into your classroom.

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